Figments November 2nd - 5th, 2023
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Rick Jacobs is a playwright with a wild imagination -- perhaps too wild! As he attempts to overcome a massive case of writer's block, four figments of his imagination play out the opening scene of his next murder mystery. Rick bounces between his frustrating love life and his mystery play. Come see this hysterical clash of imagination and reality!

PERFORMANCES Thursday, November 2nd - 7pm
                                    Friday, November 3rd - 7pm
                                    Saturday, November 4th - 3pm & 7pm
                                    Sunday, November 5th - 3pm
Get your tickets online by clicking here or tickets will be available for purchase at the door. Tickets are $10 - General Admission, $7 - Senior Citizens, and $5 for students.

All performances are at Salina High School South, 730 E. Magnolia Rd., Salina, KS  67401 in the auditorium. Enter for parking from either Magnolia Rd. or from Edward St. (just south of the school building). The auditorium entrance is on the southwest side of the school.


TENTATIVE Calendar of Performing Arts events for 2023-2024.

Drama Club Officers / Leadership Team

    Info for 2023-24 leadership applications —

If you are interested in applying for a leadership position for next year, please make sure you’ve reviewed the information on the link above.
Officer Application Form

2023-24 Leadership Team 
President – Emily Streeter
Vice-President – MJ White
Officers –
Megan Graff
Isabelle Greenemeyer
Destiny Hamilton
Kate Hull
Allen Johnson
Soren Mannebach

2022-23 Leadership Team
President – Malina Szyndlar

Vice-President – Emily Streeter
Activities / Comm. Service – Megan Graff & Kirsten Lamia 
Media / Public Relations – M.J. White & Aubrey Powell
Membership / Historians – Destiny Hamilton & Reese Kimmi  
Troupe Managers (Sec/Clerk/Treas) – Evan Dickson & Jackie Fischer
Kansas State Thespian Board Members – Malina Szyndlar, Emily Streeter
Class Representatives —
Senior – Elias Torres
Junior – Kara Davis, Isabelle Greenemeyer
Sophomore – Kaity Geist
Freshmen – Allen Johnson 

2021-22 Leadership Team
Co-Presidents – Mia Dennett, Kaydence Dickson

Co -Vice-Presidents – Shelby Stolzenburg, Yesenia Torres
Secretary/Treasurer – Aidan Heusman
Activities/Community Service – Megan Graff, Ethen Lainer
Public Relations/Media – Emily Streeter
Membership/Clerks – Reese Kimmi, Evan Dickson
Historian – Malina Szyndlar
State Board members – Mia Dennett, Malina Szyndlar
Class Reps –
Senior – Victoria Molina
Junior – Aubrey Powell
Sophomore – Destiny Hamilton
Freshman – MJ White

2020-21 Leadership Team
Co-Presidents – Ashley Carraway, Nathan Streeter

Vice-President – Andrew Lagerman
Secretary/Treasurer – Seth Carter
Activities/Community Service – Kaydence Dickson, Ethen Lainer
Public Relations/Media – Yesenia Torres, Victoria Molina
Membership/Clerks – Ryan Graff, Malina Szyndlar
Historians – Mia Dennett, Shelby Stolzenburg
State Board members – Andrew Lagerman, Mia Dennett
alternates – Shelby Stolzenburg, Malina Szyndlar
Class Reps –
Aidan Heusman, Aubrey Powell, Elias Torres, Emily Streeter

2019-20 Leadership Team
President – Jacob Sweet

Vice-President – Whitney Turner
Secretary/Treasurer – Maisy Lowers
Activities/Community Service – Andrew Lagerman & Lauren Zimmerman
Public Relations/Media – Cameron Post & Santiago Vasquez
Membership/Clerks – Thomas Flores & Ryan Graff
Historians – Mia Dennett & Casey Grennan
State Board members – Whitney Turner & Andrew Lagerman,
alternates – Ashley Carraway & Mia Dennett
Class Reps –
Senior Class Rep – Courtney White
Junior Class Rep – Nathan Streeter
Sophomore Class Rep – Kaydence Dickson
Freshmen Class Rep – Malina Szyndlar

2018-19 Leadership Team
President – Kaylee Warren
Vice-President – Leighton Cline
Secretary/Treasurer – Savannah Bonilla & Maisy Lowers
Activities – Piper Brady & Whitney Turner
Public Relations/Media – Cameron Post & Courtney White
Membership/Clerks – Nathan Streeter & Jacob Sweet
Historians – Daniela Garcia & Lauren Zimmerman
Class Reps – Eric Stockham, Santiago Vasquez, Ashley Carraway, Ryan Graff, Mia Dennett

Congratulations and thank you to our fearless leaders!

2017-18 Leadership Team
Co-Presidents – Nick Salem & Nathan Zimmerman
Vice-President – Noah Endreshak
Committee Chairs:
Secretary/Treasurer – Savannah Bonilla, Noah Endreshak, Santiago Vasquez
Activities – Albanee Garcia, Anthony Nitbouapha, Whitney Turner
Public Relations/Marketing – Maisy Lowers, Nick Salem, Kaylee Warren
Membership/Clerks – Leighton Cline, Kyle Dundas, Jacob Sweet, Courtney White
Historians – Daniela Garcia, Lauren Zimmerman, Nathan Zimmerman
Class Reps – Alex Cosco, Eric Stockham, Cameron Post, Piper Brady