Drama Club Officers / Leadership Team

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2019-20 Leadership Team
President – Jacob Sweet
Vice-President – Whitney Turner
Secretary/Treasurer – Maisy Lowers
Activities/Community Service – Andrew Lagerman & Lauren Zimmerman
Public Relations/Media – Cameron Post & Santiago Vasquez
Membership/Clerks – Thomas Flores & Ryan Graff
Historians – Mia Dennett & Casey Grennan
State Board members – Whitney Turner & Andrew Lagerman,
alternates – Ashley Carraway & Mia Dennett
Class Reps –
Senior Class Rep – Courtney White
Junior Class Rep – Nathan Streeter
Sophomore Class Rep – Kaydence Dickson
Freshmen Class Rep – Malina Szyndlar

2018-19 Leadership Team
President – Kaylee Warren
Vice-President – Leighton Cline
Secretary/Treasurer – Savannah Bonilla & Maisy Lowers
Activities – Piper Brady & Whitney Turner
Public Relations/Media – Cameron Post & Courtney White
Membership/Clerks – Nathan Streeter & Jacob Sweet
Historians – Daniela Garcia & Lauren Zimmerman
Class Reps – Eric Stockham, Santiago Vasquez, Ashley Carraway, Ryan Graff, Mia Dennett

Congratulations and thank you to our fearless leaders!

2017-18 Leadership Team
Co-Presidents – Nick Salem & Nathan Zimmerman
Vice-President – Noah Endreshak
Committee Chairs:
Secretary/Treasurer – Savannah Bonilla, Noah Endreshak, Santiago Vasquez
Activities – Albanee Garcia, Anthony Nitbouapha, Whitney Turner
Public Relations/Marketing – Maisy Lowers, Nick Salem, Kaylee Warren
Membership/Clerks – Leighton Cline, Kyle Dundas, Jacob Sweet, Courtney White
Historians – Daniela Garcia, Lauren Zimmerman, Nathan Zimmerman
Class Reps – Alex Cosco, Eric Stockham, Cameron Post, Piper Brady