T.O.M. and O.S.C.A.R.!

We have two different ways we feature students who go above and beyond with their involvement in our theatre department. Read on to learn more!

TOM awards!
Each month, Drama Club members vote on Thespians who have done excellent work.
Throughout the school year, Drama Club members vote on T.O.M. recipients (Thespian Of the Month).  This year, the following students have received T.O.M. awards:

August – Ryan Graff, Whitney Turner  (Door prize – Savannah, Victoria Molina, Jadyn C.)
September – Thomas Flores, Andrew Lagerman (Door prize – Kaydence, Courtney, Ariana)
October –  Ashley Carraway, Taylor Davison, Jacob Sweet
November –  Maisy Lowers, Alyssa Peppers
December –   Kaylee Warren, Lauren Zimmerman
January –  Nathan Streeter, Courtney White
February –  Mia Dennett, Santiago Vasquez, Jonah Winsky
March – Kaydence Dickson, Cameron Post, Shelby Stolzenburg
April – Amaya Dungan, Casey Grennan


(OSCAR stands for students who are
Outstanding, Spectacular, Caring, Admirable, Respectful.)  

A student receives the traveling ‘Oscar’ statue and can keep it for a week or two – then has the opportunity to pass the award forward to another student.
Kaylee Warren
Andrew Lagerman
Mia Dennett
Shelby Stolzenburg
Diana Geist
Lieselotte IJsenbrandt
Ryan Graff
Aidan Heusman
Thomas Flores
Dawson Jamison
Alivia Heard
Zach Swanson
Many thanks to these students and all those who are involved in our theatre department! Your hard work is greatly appreciated!