FALL ONE-ACT PLAYS – 2021________________

Cast Members –> So you’ve been cast in the one-acts…. Now what?

SHIRT ORDERS! We won’t have an online order store for one-act shirts, instead, we are using the order forms. For those who would like to pay by credit card, you can pay in the school office. Or contact me for info about using Venmo, Paypal, or a credit card without coming to the school office.

Director: Kinzie Clark
  10 Ways to Survive the End of the WorldReasons Not To Be In a Play
   By Don Zolidis
     Stage Manager: Sam Cox
Kaydence Dickson
Destiny Hamilton
Tianna Harle
Ely Keam
Kirsten Lamia
Soren Mannebach
Jacob Mitchell
Thomas Moyer
Aubrey Powell
Shelby Stolzenburg

Director: Ethen Lainer
  How to Overthrow Your Student Government (in 7 Easy Steps)
   By Ian McWethy
     Stage Manager: Denalyn Vasquez
Evan Dickson
Alexa Duncan
Kaitlyn Geist
Libby Kierscht
Avery McComber
Meadow Rowson
Elyza Searcy
Samuel Seybold
Elias Torres

Director: Yesenia Torres
  Speed Date
   By Janet Allard
    Stage Manager: Victoria Molina
Lillian Ardis
Devonte Chief
Keegan Giersch
Leslie Guardado
Diego Hernandez
Michael Hauser
Reese Kimmi
Malina Szyndlar

One-Acts are currently scheduled for 7pm, Sept.
23. For One-Acts, we usually do admission by donation and general seating. We look forward to seeing you there!

Each year, we ask that students follow this process (you only have to do it once each school year) —
For those students interested in participating in theatre this year (crews, cast, etc.) –
Step 1 – Read through the info/guidelines. – https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OA4K8FT7H5DlqLxyoYK2H-60o2DzTBWsd-8qM5f-WDc/edit?usp=sharing

Step 2 – Complete the google form – https://forms.gle/SqKGJyf5moufwZVS8 
Step 3 – if applying for Stage Manager or Crew Chief –  (available when audition forms are posted)

10 Ways to Survive the End of the WorldRead it here!  
How to Overthrow Your Student Government – Read it here! 
Speed Date – Read it here!   



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SPRING ONE-ACT PLAYS – 2021________________

Director: Ashley Carraway
  14 Reasons Not To Be In a Play
   By Alan Haehnel
     Stage Manager: TBD
Jayden Baldwin
Alexa Duncan
Kirsten Lamia
Comet Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell
Victoria Molina
Thomas Moyer
Sammy Seybold
Alexis Snyder
Chantal Torres
Yesenia Torres
Landon Woellhof

Director: Diana Geist
  Last Day of School
   By Ian McWethy
     Stage Manager: TBD
Lily Carpenter
Evan Dickson
Megan Graff
Michael Hauser
Ariana Hawk
Reese Kimmi
Ethen Lainer

Director: Andrew Lagerman
  Hard Candy
   By Jonathan Rand
    Stage Manager: Jackie Fischer
Keegan Giersch
Soren Mannebach
Aubrey Powell
Meadow Rowson


FALL One Acts, 2019__________________

Director: Thomas Flores
  The Evil Scientist Parable
   By Jose Flores
     Stage Managers: Alyssa Peppers, Kylie Bathon
Dani Dewit – Addy Sheridan
Evil Scientist – Aiden Huesman
Alexandra – Ashley Carraway
Mathew – Ryan Graff
Anthoney – Ian Perez

Director: Courtney White
  How to Kiss a Girl
   By Wade Bradford
     Stage Managers: Cam Post, Diana Geist
Ken – Gavin Jones
Minerva – Avery McComber
Pirate – Singnoi Souvannarith
Mr. Gently – Francisco Guardado
80’s Disco Man / Dad – Elias Torres
Pilgram – Nathan Streeter
Steph – Ariana Hawk
Jessica / Ken’s Mom – Maria Bonilla
Modern Girl – Reese Kimmi
Cowboy / Angry Driver – Adriana Porras
Southern Belle – Alondra Mendiola

Director: Whitney Turner
  The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World
   By Jonathan Rand
    Stage Managers: Kaydence Dickson, Denalyn Vasquez
Shelly – Alivia Heard
Tom – Seth Carter
Roma/Chorus 1 – Victoria Molina
Williamson/Chorus 2 – Elyza Searcy
Lingk/Dennis – Ethen Lainer
Tybalt/Johnny/Mark – Santiago Vasquez
Romeo/Chorus 3 – Evan Dickson
Mercutio/Frankie – Kinzie Clark
Benvolio/Warren – Yesenia Torres
Jason/Roger – Dawson Jamison
Medea/Harper – Allison Hull

Director: Jacob Sweet
  The Watercooler & Me
   By Cassidy Sweet & Brian Tran, Revisions by Jacob Sweet
     Stage Managers: Sam Cox, Tataum Escamilla
Jerry – Joey Priester
Love Interest – Sammy Seybold
Tool – Aubrey Powell
Hoochie – Maddy Turner
Manager – Leileonna Masaniai

Director: Miss Lindsay
  T H E A T R E
   By Michelle Vignery
     Stage Managers: Morgan Phillips, Gaby Rodriguez
Narrators – Holly Johnson, Maisy Lowers
Actors – Thomas Moyer, Shelby Stolzenburg
Payton Tarver, Malina Szyndlar, Lucas Winsky
Ensemble —
Alexis Bryant
Lily Carpenter
Brooke Gray
Michael Hauser
Macey Reid
Jesse Tarver
Chantal Torres



SPRING One Acts, 2019__________________

Director: Kaylee Warren
  The Bible in 30 Minutes… Or Less!
  By Anton Bucher
Stage Managers: Kaydence Dickson / Angelina Maybrier
NARRATOR: Courtney White
TIMEKEEPER: Hope Schuman
GOD: Whitney Turner
JESUS: Seth Carter
Ensemble of Characters:
Avery McComber
Brooke Gray
Shelby Stolzenburg
Mia Dennett
Emma Shulda
Ariel Dechant
Kylie Bathon
Eric Stockham
Adriana Porras
Frida Cabrera
Sadie Farris
Maisy Lowers

Director – Jonah Winsky
How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying
   By Jonathan Rand
Stage Manager – Cameron Post
Agent Smith – Ashley Carraway
Agent Richards – Lauren Zimmerman
Operator – Zack Swanson
Sorry – Ryan Graff
Trig – Santiago Vasquez
Girl – Kateryna Svertilova
Leon – Aidan Heusman
Walker – Andrew Lagerman

Director- Madison Walter
   A Murdered Mystery
   By Karl Gardner
Stage Manager — Yesenia Torres
John- Jacob Sweet
Steve- Thomas Flores
Jennifer- Robyn Logan
Lydia- Holly Johnson
Betty- Addy Sheridan
Preston- Thomas Moyer

Director- Leighton Cline
   Squad Goals
   By Don Zolidis
     Stage Manager — Piper Brady
Coach Morrison: Brandon Rectenwald
Coach Weebly: Alivia Heard
Tryout/Player: Allison Hull
Tryout/Player: Kyle Quill
Tryout/Player: Victoria Maxton
Tryout/Player: David Ollenberger
Tryout/Player: Spencer Einhaus
Tryout/Player: Addie Ollenberger
Tryout/Player: Eric Einhaus
Player #’s and Character names will be decided upon first read through.