SPRING ONE-ACT PLAYS – 2021________________

Director: Ashley Carraway
  14 Reasons Not To Be In a Play
   By Alan Haehnel
     Stage Manager: TBD
Jayden Baldwin
Alexa Duncan
Kirsten Lamia
Comet Mitchell
Jacob Mitchell
Victoria Molina
Thomas Moyer
Sammy Seybold
Alexis Snyder
Chantal Torres
Yesenia Torres
Landon Woellhof

Director: Diana Geist
  Last Day of School
   By Ian McWethy
     Stage Manager: TBD
Lily Carpenter
Evan Dickson
Megan Graff
Michael Hauser
Ariana Hawk
Reese Kimmi
Ethen Lainer

Director: Andrew Lagerman
  Hard Candy
   By Jonathan Rand
    Stage Manager: Jackie Fischer
Keegan Giersch
Soren Mannebach
Aubrey Powell
Meadow Rowson


FALL One Acts, 2019__________________

Director: Thomas Flores
  The Evil Scientist Parable
   By Jose Flores
     Stage Managers: Alyssa Peppers, Kylie Bathon
Dani Dewit – Addy Sheridan
Evil Scientist – Aiden Huesman
Alexandra – Ashley Carraway
Mathew – Ryan Graff
Anthoney – Ian Perez

Director: Courtney White
  How to Kiss a Girl
   By Wade Bradford
     Stage Managers: Cam Post, Diana Geist
Ken – Gavin Jones
Minerva – Avery McComber
Pirate – Singnoi Souvannarith
Mr. Gently – Francisco Guardado
80’s Disco Man / Dad – Elias Torres
Pilgram – Nathan Streeter
Steph – Ariana Hawk
Jessica / Ken’s Mom – Maria Bonilla
Modern Girl – Reese Kimmi
Cowboy / Angry Driver – Adriana Porras
Southern Belle – Alondra Mendiola

Director: Whitney Turner
  The Least Offensive Play in the Whole Darn World
   By Jonathan Rand
    Stage Managers: Kaydence Dickson, Denalyn Vasquez
Shelly – Alivia Heard
Tom – Seth Carter
Roma/Chorus 1 – Victoria Molina
Williamson/Chorus 2 – Elyza Searcy
Lingk/Dennis – Ethen Lainer
Tybalt/Johnny/Mark – Santiago Vasquez
Romeo/Chorus 3 – Evan Dickson
Mercutio/Frankie – Kinzie Clark
Benvolio/Warren – Yesenia Torres
Jason/Roger – Dawson Jamison
Medea/Harper – Allison Hull

Director: Jacob Sweet
  The Watercooler & Me
   By Cassidy Sweet & Brian Tran, Revisions by Jacob Sweet
     Stage Managers: Sam Cox, Tataum Escamilla
Jerry – Joey Priester
Love Interest – Sammy Seybold
Tool – Aubrey Powell
Hoochie – Maddy Turner
Manager – Leileonna Masaniai

Director: Miss Lindsay
  T H E A T R E
   By Michelle Vignery
     Stage Managers: Morgan Phillips, Gaby Rodriguez
Narrators – Holly Johnson, Maisy Lowers
Actors – Thomas Moyer, Shelby Stolzenburg
Payton Tarver, Malina Szyndlar, Lucas Winsky
Ensemble —
Alexis Bryant
Lily Carpenter
Brooke Gray
Michael Hauser
Macey Reid
Jesse Tarver
Chantal Torres



SPRING One Acts, 2019__________________

Director: Kaylee Warren
  The Bible in 30 Minutes… Or Less!
  By Anton Bucher
Stage Managers: Kaydence Dickson / Angelina Maybrier
NARRATOR: Courtney White
TIMEKEEPER: Hope Schuman
GOD: Whitney Turner
JESUS: Seth Carter
Ensemble of Characters:
Avery McComber
Brooke Gray
Shelby Stolzenburg
Mia Dennett
Emma Shulda
Ariel Dechant
Kylie Bathon
Eric Stockham
Adriana Porras
Frida Cabrera
Sadie Farris
Maisy Lowers

Director – Jonah Winsky
How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying
   By Jonathan Rand
Stage Manager – Cameron Post
Agent Smith – Ashley Carraway
Agent Richards – Lauren Zimmerman
Operator – Zack Swanson
Sorry – Ryan Graff
Trig – Santiago Vasquez
Girl – Kateryna Svertilova
Leon – Aidan Heusman
Walker – Andrew Lagerman

Director- Madison Walter
   A Murdered Mystery
   By Karl Gardner
Stage Manager — Yesenia Torres
John- Jacob Sweet
Steve- Thomas Flores
Jennifer- Robyn Logan
Lydia- Holly Johnson
Betty- Addy Sheridan
Preston- Thomas Moyer

Director- Leighton Cline
   Squad Goals
   By Don Zolidis
     Stage Manager — Piper Brady
Coach Morrison: Brandon Rectenwald
Coach Weebly: Alivia Heard
Tryout/Player: Allison Hull
Tryout/Player: Kyle Quill
Tryout/Player: Victoria Maxton
Tryout/Player: David Ollenberger
Tryout/Player: Spencer Einhaus
Tryout/Player: Addie Ollenberger
Tryout/Player: Eric Einhaus
Player #’s and Character names will be decided upon first read through.