ONE ACT PLAYS – March 8 & 9 at 6pm

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One Act Casts, 2018

Director: Anthony Nitbouapha

 10 Ways to Screw Up your College Interview

 By: Ian McWethy

   Stage Manager – Casey Grennan


Interviewer 1 – Kaiden O’Dell

Interviewer 2 – Tati’yana Holder

Kimberly – Kaylee Lovett

Producer & Brett – Thomas Flores

Lily & Elizabeth – Allison Hull

Emily & Kelly – Emily Ross

Jeff & Harold – Tyler Kirkhart

Jason & Ben – Leighton Cline


Directors: Trevin Sader an Addison Praytor

 Cosmic Fruit Bowl

 By: Rosemary Frinsino Toohey

   Stage Manager — Cameron Post  


Apple: Robyn Logan

Orange: Maisy Lowers

Banana: Haley White

Kiwi: Kati Rivera


Director: Nathan Zimmerman
 Check Please: Take 2

 By: Jonathan Rand

    Stage Manager —  


Girl – Lauren Zimmerman

Guy – Nathan Streeter

Kim – Jordanna Daily

Hank – Barry Sayasing

Donna/Julia – Kaylee Warren

Lyle/Alex – Jonah Winsky

Jackie/Cleo – Courtney White

Dewey/Paul – Nate Cosco


Directors: Aiden Trumbo and Kyle Dundas

 Dinner With The MacGuffins

 By Chris Sheppard and Jeff Grove

    Stage Manager —  


James – Blake Jeske

Karen – Whitney Turner

Helen – Savannah Bonilla

Grandpa – Eric Stockham

Dwight – Andrew Lagerman

Agent Smith – Bayleigh Hultgren

Agent Wesson – Jadyn Cliffton


Director: Albanee Garcia
 A Play With Words

 By Peter Bloedel

    Stage Manager —  


Scribe: Santiago Vasquez

Therapist: Piper Brady

Me/ Baliff: Addy Sheridan

Myself/ They: Maddy Turner

I/ Them: Marissa Russ

Us: Jacob Sweet

You: Ashley Caraway

Delivery Person: Ariana Hawk

Shadowy Figure/ It: Ryan Graff

Judge: Addie Ollenberger