KL’s Class Page

Contact info for Miss Lindsay (KL)
Kate Lindsay
Theatre webpage – www.salinasouththeatre.com

Google Classroom codes –
Block 1, Elements of Acting – 7:45-9:05 –
   Cohort A – jkosb6z
   Cohort B – srkmkmj   
Block 3, Speech – 9:10-10:30 –
   Cohort A – i2gaicv
   Cohort B – pv3vwxk
Block 5, Theatre Arts – 10:35-12:30 (lunch block) –
   Cohort A – mwbvotu
   Cohort B – rzqh4xl
Block, 7 – Plan – 12:35-1:50
KL’s ELO – 1:55-2:45 – j5ldyeb
Drama Club – dno47xl

Block 2, Tech Theatre –
   Cohort A – umc44dk
   Cohort B – bw7rhst
Block 4, Speech –
   Cohort A – 5woftvp  
   Cohort B – jribsw2
Block 6, Rep. Theatre –
   Cohort A – 4ephs4n
   Cohort B – k2px254


Some reminders to help you –

  • Please check your school email often to keep in contact with your teachers. 
  • Touch base with your teachers when you have questions, we’re here to help you and we want to help you. Be patient and flexible. I’ll try to get back to you right away, but might not always be able to.  
  • Please contact me when you need help or just want to make sure you’re on the right track with an assignment/project. Communication is important so that I can assist you as needed! I love hearing from my students! I want to help answer questions – and even hear about the good stuff, too! When you are proud of the work you do, when you ‘get’ something that was challenging, … when fun & cool things happen! 


Online codes

Google Hangouts-Meet